Lymm Extension

In late  2014, we decided to make our last move before retirement and began our search. Thankfully we found the place we wanted in Lymm, Cheshire, but unfortunately it needed quite a bit of work to make it the home we wanted to enjoy in our latter years. At that time we lived in Middlewich, Cheshire and my wife noticed some work being done at a neighbours. What attracted her attention was the work ethic of the builders always early to start, working long days and hardly stopping for a rest. As I said,  our new home needed some work, and the minefield of finding a trustworthy and reliable builder was something we were not looking forward to.  So we asked the neighbour about their builders and could we see their work. The builder was LathamHall construction, and the neighbour was highly  complementary and recommended them without hesitation.  For brevity at this point,  we did some further checking and decided to ask Kevin and Neil (The builders) for a quote for the work we needed done. When we compared all the quotes we had  they were the best, but necessarily the cheapest and we decided to go with them. The quote was very detailed, down to the last nut and bolt. It detailed  the programme of work and the payment schedule, which only required a very small deposit and series of payment milestones based on work done and agreed. Big plus here.

The work involved demolition of a garage and the existing kitchen at the rear of the house and then building of a 2 story extension with new kitchen living space to the rear in total some 87m2 in size. In addition, we needed some landscaping of the Garden.  The work started in  late October 2015, during the wettest winter in a long time. However, as we had seen before in Middlewich, the team turned up every day and worked long hard days and that never stopped until the job was done.

It is now March 2016 and the work is done and to schedule, a remarkable achievement given the conditions the work was done in and we continued to live in the house throughout. Were there any problems along the way? With the builder or their team,  absolutely not; with the quality of work, same answer;  however there were the inevitable issues to resolve along the way and Kevin took them in his stride and found the best solution. Did we go over the quoted budget? No, but we did add some additional work  along the way and before any work was done the price was agreed and we kept to those budgets too.

So would we  recommend LathamHall construction?  The simple answer is, absolutely yes and indeed we have to many of our friends and people who have asked. They have been a pleasure to have around our home, they have been polite and respectful thinking of the neighbours when had to make a noise or mess. However, I have seen many builders over my life both professionally and personally and these are probably the best I have ever come across.  They say the best kind of builder is one that is recommended to you. Please take this testimony as our recommendation we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Mr and Mrs E Davies, Hill Top Road. Lymm.